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The mooncakes of the Forbidden city are coming again! This is too beautiful!

The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, the two people reunion, and the moon cake companion. Every holiday, the pk of the major moon cake brands is also very popular. With the addition of the Super Wenchuang IP Palace, the competition has become more intense. Mooncakes were sold out as soon as they were put on shelves, and they had to be amazing.

This year, the moon cakes of the Forbidden City have come again.

This year, the Palace Mooncakes are based on the theme of the heart, with a total of four sets of gift boxes: ancient embroidered round box, embossed brocade box, brocade vase and Chengping Fang box. Everyone comes to a product:

1.Ancient embroidered round box series

2.Embossed brocade series

Huazi is moist, deep and deep, showing a beautiful landscape of mountains and rivers.
In addition, the box can also be used as a storage box for everyday items. As the Forbidden City said, “You can’t make things, but you can put things.” Used to embellish the decoration, it is also a kind of superior choice, and the cost performance is extremely high.

3.Square box series

4.Splendid vase series

This time, the Palace Mooncakes have made a lot of effort both externally and internally. Mr. Wu Jiangzhong, the representative inheritor of Jingdezhen hand-made porcelain craftsman, was invited to practice the craftsmanship, hand-grinding, flying needle lead, showing the style of cultural relics.

Moon cake, the most memorable thing is its delicious taste. The Forbidden City used the famous Chinese food creation master Guo Rongjin to check the taste, and I believe that the taste will not be inferior.

What is even more surprising is that the dynamic poster design of the Palace Mooncake is too beautiful and brings a powerful visual enjoyment impact.

The launch of moon cakes in the Forbidden City is a combination of a long tradition and the ultimate aesthetics. The Mid-Autumn Festival tastes gifts from the Forbidden City. A light taste, there will be an illusion of incarnation of the imperial power.

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