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TikTok Business Quick Start

Short videos have entered a fierce competition. Almost every company wants to enter TikTok. But in such a stimulating state, many operators have asked how to quickly set up a new account. I consulted many TikTok. Operating friends, from algorithms, types, content title selection, cut-in, operational tips and other aspects to help quickly understand and stand up.

TikTok algorithm:

Purpose: Focus on quality content and curb low quality content (handling + user hate)

TikTok algorithm formula: The first recommendation has been roughly based on the amount of play (finished amount) > clicks > comments > forward. So the heat of a TikTok = A * video full play + B * comments + C * points + D * share (for forwarding). (A, B, C, D are coefficients)

TikTok’s traffic distribution is based on decentralized smart recommendation, machine algorithm + manual double review

Primary recommendation: Users upload TikTok videos to get the first wave of recommended traffic, and new video traffic distribution is based on nearby, attention and friends.

Multi-level recommendation: The algorithm set by the system is reached according to the forwarding, comment, praise and completion rate of the first wave user. Hot recommendation: According to the system’s popular recommendation algorithm, select high-quality video content and enter the popular recommendation through manual review.

TikTok type:

There are two types of TikTok account types: business number and personal number.

Account settings: 1 video work positioning 2 authentication information positioning 3 authorization method positioning 4 account name positioning 5 account avatar positioning 6 personality signature positioning

TikTok certification: personal number plus V certification, enterprise number plus V certification

Determine vertical domain positioning: (use the most direct and simple way to select the vertical areas that you are good at and understand)

Crowd positioning

Industry positioning

Content targeting (currently TikTok’s volume and user growth, almost all vertical areas have opportunities, the core issue is the content producer itself)

Product Positioning

Realizing the positioning (how to realize it must be considered in advance, what is the purpose of doing TikTok, what effect to achieve. It is very difficult to do the head account now, it is very important to realize).

Content topic selection (choice technique):

The four principles of the topic:

  1. Relevance, the content of the selected topic and the account location are consistent.

2, hot, choose the most popular theme, commonly known as hot spots.

3, fresh, scarce, rare in life.

4, people set the sense, in line with the IP address set of this vibrato.

Source of the topic:

1, Weibo, Zhihu, Baidu, audio and other channels, keyword search integration;

  1. Collect scripts and arrange scripts;
  2. Use data software to track the hottest video;
  3. Mining peers, research peers, and innovative peers;
  4. View comments or music reviews that are highly praised.

Cut into the topic:

Reality show, contrast, real script sharing (how to operate excel, ppt, cooking), life skills (storage, cleaning), commentary (a problem explanation, an event explanation, storyteller), imitation, dance, Music, inspirational, funny, evaluation (cosmetic evaluation, public assessment of things is not true)

TikTok content tips:

1, exaggerated turning, paving + laughing

2, interchangeable, exaggerated, cute

  1. Live situation, sympathy and resonance

4, perspective transformation, multi-party perspective, empathy

5, the hot plot is adapted

6, innovation in music, men and women cover, add some plots, with a dance

TikTok video title tips:
The TikTok video title is mainly for two aspects, one is for the user to watch, to attract users to click to watch, and the other is to give the platform a platform recommendation (use of positioning, keywords, industry-specific vocabulary, hot topic tags, @friends or official assistants) ).

TikTok video title long vocabulary: how, 2 minutes, I thought, should be like this, why, why not, no wonder, even so

Keyword layout: The video introduces about 15 words, including keywords + guidance + interaction + curiosity, etc.

Number of releases: 3-4 per day, one in the morning, one in the noon, and two in the evening (TikTok has three peak visit periods: around 12 noon, before 6 o’clock in the evening, around 10 o’clock in the evening).

TikTok operates a small powder:
One: cultivate account

As the company’s TikTok operation, we should try to imitate the behavior of normal active users, such as filling in complete account information, shuffling every day, like, comment, and forward. Through the raise, you can attract fans to your home page and pay attention.

Second, create hot content

Hot content is definitely high-quality content, affecting it as a hot content also involves the amount of play, length of stay, completion rate, replay rate, comment rate and praise rate.

Note: The first 3 seconds to decide whether the short video is good or not, the useless content is quickly deleted.

A new account, its first five works are very important, will affect the recommendations of the subsequent vibrato.

Use the scarcity of some popular content in the platform to quickly operate your account.

Third, create four principles of hot content:

  1. Emotional resonance
  2. Formal innovation

3, hot spot contrast

4, interactive shooting: select some similar famous accounts to cooperate with the shooting, you can attract a lot of traffic in a short time

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