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Will you use the 4 functions of Huawei mobile phone? Reasonable, each one is very intimate

Today, I will share four Huawei mobile phone ultra-practical mobile phone skills.

1.Privacy space

Turning on this feature is equivalent to having two systems. We can store the files or personal privacy of the work in another system. We can go to this space with different fingerprints or different passwords. You can separate your work from your life and hide your privacy.

Open method: Settings – Security and Privacy – Privacy Space – Open the privacy space and use different fingerprints to enter different spaces.

2.Long press the icon to use the shortcut function

Every time we buy something, we must always open Alipay or WeChat, and then sweep it to make payment. If you don’t open it in advance, you will always waste a lot of time. In fact, Huawei’s mobile phone will just press the desktop icon. Show some shortcuts, so we don’t need to open Alipay or WeChat to use the sweep, collect, pay some small functions.

3.Mobile phone as ruler

This is a new feature of Huawei EMUI9.1. When you want to measure the volume or length of an object, there is no ruler around you. At this time, if you have a Huawei mobile phone, you can solve it perfectly. Leg length, height measurement or measuring area, volume can help you easily, very practical and convenient.

Open method: Left slide screen to enter the negative screen interface of Huawei mobile phone – search AR measurement in the top search bar – open AR measurement.

4.Speech translation

Is it true that some friends will want to travel abroad, but their English is not very proficient. At this time, you can use the voice assistant to help you translate your voice.

Operation method: first press and hold the power button for one second to call out the voice assistant (this function needs to be set in the intelligent assistant) – speaking to the voice assistant, the translation will jump to the voice translation interface – in which you can set the language according to the needs – You can recognize the text you want by speaking.

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