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The first HarmonyOS Hongmeng OS hardware: glory wisdom screen / smart screen PRO officially released, priced at 538$ / 680$

Just one day after Huawei’s press conference, HarmonyOS, glory released the first hardware product of this operating system, the Glory Smart Screen and the Glory Smart Screen PRO(in chinese), in the same venue. These two products are 55-inch smart TVs. In addition to Hongmeng OS, Haisi’s self-developed Honghu 818 chip is used. The official promise is that it will not join the boot ads now and in the future. They are priced at 538$ and 680$ respectively. They are currently pre-sold in Huawei Mall, with a deposit of 14$, and the last payment is made on the 15th.

The glory wisdom screen of 538$ , and the glory wisdom screen PRO of 680$ , the difference is mainly the camera function and the speaker. The former 2GB RAM, the body storage 16GB, no camera, the frame is frosted, 4 10W speakers; the latter is 2GB RAM and 32GB body storage, and there is a lifting camera, the metal frame is treated with high light, There are 6 10W speakers (2 groups, 2* full-range units + 1* tweeters). What is worth buying before the product release was invited to experience the high version of the glory wisdom screen PRO, just experienced the article has been issued, you can click on the card below to view.

In addition to the storage, frame surface treatment and camera, the two models of the Glory Smart Screen series are equipped with the Hongjun 818 chip. This chip is designed for 4-core CPU + 4 core G51 GPU. The A73 high-performance core is matched with the A53 energy-saving core. The CPU and GPU are quite powerful, and it is the top performance in the current TV chip. Support 8K@30Hz, 4K@120Hz, 4K@60Hz product decoding, H.265 4K video hard solution start time only 1.3 seconds.

In terms of the panel, it is a 4K resolution A+ level IPS hard screen with a narrow bezel design and a screen ratio of 94%. Panel brightness 400nits, 87% NTSC color gamut, side-entry backlight, support for HDR, MEMC and partition control, and other 7 image quality enhancement techniques (see below, quoted from the official glory). The glory smart screen is connected with Huawei HiLink intelligent hardware, and built-in YOYO AI voice assistant, which can be used as a smart speaker in standby mode, and also has humanized interactive design such as Huawei Share high-speed file transfer function and multi-screen interaction.

However, the starting price of 538$ is still higher than the predicted value . After we experienced in advance, it is estimated that the low-end version of the product will be around 425$, not more than 500$, and the high version will not be higher than 560$. But obviously glory is very confident in their products, and does not position the glory smart screen as an entry-level TV product, which is already at the mid-end level of 55-inch TV products. What do you think about the price of glory TV screen series TV ? Will you consider the glory of wisdom screen at this price?

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