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Lower price, smaller size DJI released foldable handheld stabilizer Osmo Mobile 3 stand-alone version priced less than 100$

Since the release of the second generation of Osmo in 2018, DJI has taken advantage of its low price. Mobile phone PTZ has gradually spread from the hands of professionals to more consumers. After more than a year of brewing and paving, Dajiang finally officially released the Osmo Mobile mobile phone PTZ 3 today. For the first time, Osmo Mobile 3 features a foldable design with the addition of Smart Follow 3.0. The stand-alone version costs 99$.

Fast folding design

The new generation of LingMou mobile phone PTZ has designed a unique foldable form based on the lightweight body. LingMou mobile phone head 3 only weighs 405g, only the palm size after folding.

The first mobile spring snap-on mode is built into the 3-axis arm of the LingMou mobile phone head. It can quickly realize the folding and activation of the pan/tilt. The handle is designed with a 15° angle of inclination. The combination of the back arms of the axle arm avoids the occlusion of the charging port of the mobile phone and the microphone, and optimizes the linkage design of the mobile phone cloud platform 3 for charging the mobile phone.

New interactive mode, you can also make movies with one hand.

Lingyi Mobile PTZ 3 The powerful M button can switch between camera video, horizontal and vertical shooting, etc. The mode switch button can trigger smart follow 3.0 and switch between front and rear camera and pan/tilt mode. Combined with the preset shortcut menu bar, with the joystick, the M button can also quickly select multiple shooting functions.

The LingMou mobile phone PTZ 3 is equipped with advanced three-axis mechanical heads in DJI, which can adjust or compensate in real time according to the attitude of the gimbal. It eliminates picture jitter from the physical level, realizes lossless picture quality, and effectively enhances the video when the mobile phone shoots video. Stabilizing effect. In addition, the newly upgraded Smart Follow 3.0 combines deep learning and computer vision algorithms to match the Smart Follow 3.0 equipped with the Micro Single Camera Stabilizer, and the object recognition and tracking accuracy is greatly enhanced. The Lingyi Mobile PTZ 3 introduced the gesture control function for the first time.

Rich creative templates

LingMou Mobile PTZ 3 Also access the popular DJI Mimo App. Since then, DJI Mimo has completed the full range of access to the LingMou family products, making it easier and more fun for consumers to experience in the video capture and editing experience.

DJI Mimo has a wealth of creative templates, and panoramic and super wide-angle shooting capabilities give you a broader view. The new motion delay adds an electronic stabilization algorithm based on the stabilization of the mechanical pan/tilt. The subject is more stable and the picture is smoother. The Story mode is designed for video novices. It combines a large number of templates carefully crafted by professional photographers. It has designed a variety of creative shooting frames for travel, parties, Vlogs, and sports scenes. Templates make it easy to have movies like movies.

Price and service

LingMou mobile phone PTZ 3 stand-alone version of the price of 99$ , including L LingMou ngbi mobile phone PTZ 3, charging line, beam pockets, hand rope, anti-slip mat. The set price is 113.5 $, based on the stand-alone version, the LingMou storage bag and the LingMou handheld tripod.

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