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Home LAICA water dispenser: It is the first home appliance I bought for my new home. I still feel that it is late!

When I moved this time, I had to buy a new home appliance. The first thing I thought of was to buy a net drinker.
I am the kind of person who loves to drink water. When I work at a high pressure, I will get up and pour water. Drinking water has a magical effect on my stress.

I have always been concerned about the cleanliness of the water. The most important small appliances that I buy at home are related to drinking water. From drinking fountains to temperature-controlled hot water bottles to tea machines to net water bottles, I can put a list of cockroaches at home.

This time, I want to streamline the drinking water appliances and want to use one to meet all my core drinking needs.

I sorted out my needs – I hope that the water at the entrance will be cleaned and reliable enough to be safe and healthy. After all, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) survey, 80% of the world’s diseases are caused by pollution of drinking water, which can be described as “disease from water.”
I hope that it is a water-free installation that is free of installation – because my new home is a rented house, I don’t want to spend a lot of time to install the whole house water purification system.

I hope that the machine can produce different temperature waters at any time according to my needs. Because I have the demand for brewing tea and powdered protein powder, Xiao Wang has the demand for brewing coffee. The water temperature corresponding to these needs is different.

At the same time, Yan is worthy of online, the brand is best old-fashioned water purification products, the technology is excellent, so I will be more assured.

After the demand was finished, I looked at it in a circle. I took a fancy to the net drink machine from the Italian brand Lycra. Lycra was founded in 1974 and has a history of more than 40 years. In the water purification industry, it is known for its technology flow and has more than 100 patents.
It has three functions: clean water + heat + temperature change. The official publicity says that it is filtered and ready to drink, four seconds boiling, five-speed temperature control. It sounds especially suitable for me who are lazy but still want a better quality of life.

After I arrived, after experiencing the running-in period of the initial activation of the filter element, I quickly entered the honeymoon period with it. The more I used it, the more I felt it was easy to use. It has been used for a month now, the frequency of use is not falling, the visual inspection can be It has been used for a long time.

Let me say why I like it:

1~ It can filter tap water into mineral water that can drink directly
It sounds amazing, because there are a lot of water dispensers/filters with water purification, but I don’t think I can drink too much. I didn’t actually think that the Leica water purification technology was so powerful.

Until I bought a water quality testing kit. A comparison between Lycra’s net drinker and another imported well-known brand of net kettle made a clean rust.

After I finished the whole process, I found that there were still a lot of ferric oxide powder in the two measuring cups. So I took 100ml of tap water separately and stirred them evenly. I poured them into two net kettles, which were equal to the two nets. A total of 200ml of rust water was poured into the kettle. After that, I never imagined that Lycra’s performance actually won a lot of other big brands.

I know that Lycra should work well, but I didn’t expect another big brand to be so bad.

2~ It is plugged in and used, four seconds boiling, five-speed temperature control
Before I started, I used a net kettle with ZOJIRUSHI’s four-stage temperature control kettle. I thought this combination was quite easy to use. As a result, when lycra’s net drinker arrived home, ZOJIRUSHI retired.

The reason for this is because the temperature of the hot water bottle needs to wait. Its principle is to boil the water, then through the insulation, the temperature is lowered.

For example, if I want to drink 60 degrees of water, I went to the normal temperature water and set a temperature of 60 degrees. It can only wait until it burns 100 degrees and then drops to 60 degrees. This process usually takes two or three hours. I changed my mind in the middle. For example, I suddenly wanted to drink 80 degrees of water, but when it has dropped to 70 degrees, it needs to be reheated, added to 70 degrees, and wait for at least twenty minutes.

Sometimes I waited and waited, I forgot to drink. But Lycra is not at all. It is hot in 1 second and can boil in 4 seconds. And this boiling is really boiling – directly to you to heat up to 100 degrees. After you press the button, your heart is silently 1234, 4 numbers are finished, and the machine is boiling. It’s much easier to start with an hour after setting the temperature with the hot water bottle.

It has 5 levels of temperature control and can be easily adjusted by rotating the button. When rotating, press it slightly downward in the vertical direction. If it is not forced in the vertical direction, only rotate in the horizontal direction, the turntable will move, but the temperature indicator will not light up.

People can drink the water at the desired temperature at any time, without waiting. From 25 °C comfortable ambient temperature to 40 °C one-button protein powder (remind fitness people, do not use too high temperature powder protein powder, 40 degrees, temperature is too high, easily lead to protein loss activity), to 60 ° C honey water It is especially convenient to brew tea at 80 °C and brew coffee at 99 °C.

This 99 degree is not only heated to 99 degrees, but after boiling, the temperature of the water flowing out is between 99 and 100 degrees, so if someone in the family has the desire to drink boiled water, it can be satisfied.

By the way, in fact, we usually drink water, the best temperature is not higher than 60 degrees, because the temperature is high, the stimulation of the mouth, esophagus, gastric mucosa will be too large, easy to cause burns. I used to drink very hot tea, and now I have changed it.

I am making tea now, I will first use 100 degrees to pour 100ml, use a porcelain spoon, stir a little, let the tea soak. Then choose 200 degrees to pour 200ml, let the temperature drop to about 50 degrees, the mouth is not too hot, the tea taste is also out.

It has three cup sizes of 100ml, 200ml and 300ml. After selecting the temperature and water output, after pressing the button, the kettle will emit blue light and wait for 3 or 4 seconds to drink immediately. It has increased the frequency of drinking and brewing.

I want to say another point here, I like it very much – it is based on the amount of water you choose, pumping the corresponding water, there is no residual water in the machine.

For example, if you choose 100ml 60 degrees, the pump in the machine will start pumping water, while heating the water to 60 degrees, it will stop when pumping 100ml. If during this time, you suddenly feel that you don’t need 100ml, as long as 50ml is enough, then you can press the water/pause button again in the middle, and the pump will stop pumping immediately.

In the delay time of about 0.1 second when you press the button until the pump stops pumping, a little bit of water that has been pumped up will flow out in 3 seconds to ensure that there is no residual water in the machine.

I especially like this design without residual water. Many drinking fountains I accept incompetence, because there are more or less water, and water storage means that there is the possibility of bacteria breeding and scaling, and it is unsanitary to think about it.

3~ looks good, the details are reasonable.

It also has black enamel. But I chose a white with lightness, simple and versatile, small and cute. Putting kitchen countertops, bedside tables, living rooms or offices will enhance the taste.

The water tank is detachable and can be opened directly on the top. It is convenient to pour water in. 4L capacity, basically two people have enough water for one day, and the extraction is not heavy. I have also compared the water tank capacity of the other two brands, one is 3.2L capacity, a little small; the other is 7L, if I single-handed water/placement, it is estimated that it will be difficult.

There is a suction cup at the bottom, and the slip resistance is stable. The control panel uses a button design that is more practical than a touch screen design. Because of the touch screen, when the hand is wet, the use will affect the sensitivity.

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