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FUJITSU Fujitsu General 1.5 full DC inverter air conditioner installation experience

In the past, air conditioning was used for heating in Dalian. When it was warmed up, it would not feel cold when it was light at home. However, the weather is hot year by year. Some individual monitoring points have a high temperature of 39.7 degrees not long ago. In the past two years, air conditioners have to be reserved in advance. Otherwise, they will be installed in the evening and the summer has passed.

The house that I live in now is the air conditioner installed in 2016. At that time, I felt that there was no air conditioning in Dalian in the summer. Simply installed one for each room in the home, the model is Hisense A8X860N-A1, the white apple pie, the big one, the full DC inverter, the electronic expansion valve is also everything, from the performance of these two years is considered satisfactory, however The price of the first-grade energy efficiency is not very cheap, about 3,500 or so, even if it is at 618, it is also bought in 3000. By the light of the air conditioner, I finally passed the hot summer.

Fujitsu General 1.5 full DC inverter air conditioner

Seeing that it can no longer return to the cool summer of the past, the new house decoration, air conditioning is also logically included in the installation plan. Small steel gun in the air-conditioning industry – FUJITSU Fujitsu General 1.5 full DC inverter air conditioner installation experience

This time, I chose it.

If you want to buy electricity, or take advantage of the double eleven or 618 to buy the most suitable, even if the new house has not been renovated, you can contact Jingdong to postpone delivery, from this point on the advantages of Jingdong warehousing and logistics. At the time of the double eleven last year, I bought a refrigerator, a washing machine, an air conditioner, and other home appliances. I have been storing it in the Jingdong warehouse. Because the size is not suitable, the refrigerator is directly handled in the warehouse, which is very convenient.

This Fujitsu air conditioner is purchased at 2,999 yuan / Taiwan, 1.5 HP FUJITSU three-level energy-efficient full DC inverter air conditioner. People who often go shopping on the aunt may not be unfamiliar with this brand. The use of materials, technical skills and strong performance is basically a general evaluation of Fujitsu. Even the official pictures have added three levels of energy efficiency comparable to the national standard two. Level of propaganda.

The reason why I chose it is not only the excellent word of mouth, but also the mini body. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, it is much smaller than the domestic brand. That is why Fujitsu does not choose level 2 energy efficiency, one is because the price is a few hundred dollars, and the other is because … the wall is not so big, can save the province, the level 2 energy efficiency indoor unit width is higher than level 3 The energy efficiency is 50cm larger. The house is too small, it is really a matter of budget.

Also remind everyone that its power plug is 10A, not our common 16A big three plug. Before the purchase, I saw the propaganda of the page and did not believe it. Finally, I repeatedly pre-installed the 10A panel with the customer service. The electrician master also expressed extreme suspicion at the beginning and confirmed it with me repeatedly. So if you want to buy this air conditioner, you must tell the electrician to reserve the 10A socket, so as not to buy the wrong replacement and waste.

Use summary
Most of the home appliances in the new home are very early optimistic about the collection models, of course, thanks to the learning and communication with the value friends on the platform of the aunt. I was very satisfied with the Fujitsu air conditioner installed at home. It has excellent cooling performance, and the color value, volume and noise are very excellent. Summarized as the following:

Japanese Seiko quality, workmanship, and sufficient materials. Although it is a national standard level 3 energy efficiency, but it is far superior to the domestic level 3 energy efficiency machine, those domestic brands marked with level 2 energy efficiency, and several have such work and materials. At least the previous Hisense air conditioners at home, found that only a few models of energy efficiency are full DC conversion.

Fujitsu’s Class 3 energy efficiency model is only 1.5 horsepower is full DC frequency conversion, it is recommended to choose 1.5 horses.

The price should not be comparable to the level 3 energy-efficient models of the domestic brands. There is no comparability at all.

It is too quiet, and sometimes I don’t even know if the air conditioner is working.

(Disadvantages) After the remote control is pressed, it takes 2 seconds to delay the air conditioner to respond. It is not daring to press the remote controller continuously and quickly, and it is not sensitive to receive a remote control signal.

(Insufficient) itself does not have intelligent control, and the 10A plug can not use Xiaomi’s smart air conditioner socket.

Finally, there are small and lovely people in the family group.

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