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A cost-effective entry-level sports smart watch, Garmin Forerunner 45 GPS running watch

Since I purchased Garmin VIVOsmart HR many years ago, I have used a lot of Garmin products. The earliest I only have the demand for message push, reminding me that the phone has a phone call or SMS, or WeChat and other information needs to be viewed. I can directly Operate on the Garmin VIVOsmart HR, especially to see notifications.

The professional triathlete watch 935, which was later contacted, was still quite impressive as the flagship model at that time. The most intuitive one was “light and powerful”.

Then there is Garmin vívoactive 3 that I wear today, positioning for daily use or business, support for touch control, and Garmin Pay.

Of course, there is no problem with the Forerunner 45 as a daily use. There is no shortage of message reminders, alarm clocks, and Bluetooth control.

Let’s take a closer look at this sports watch that I think is an entry-level sport. First come a front view, as a “running training watch”, its bloodlines are still very similar to the 935 I used before, such as five buttons, and there is only one non-professional positioning like vívoactive The buttons, but added the “influx” function touch screen and body touch. Therefore, the positioning of the two is different, and the design difference is quite obvious. The first feeling that opened to me was that the screen was small. The vívoactive 3 used and the 935 used before were both 1.2-inch (240 x 240) screens, and the 45 screen was 1.04 inches ( 208 x 208), the gap is still quite obvious, but think about the price gap between the two, it is reasonable.

Bluetooth control, you can control the music on the phone through the watch. For this function, according to my actual experience, it doesn’t make sense to the Bluetooth headset, because the Bluetooth headset can also be controlled; but it is very practical for everyday life, such as I will use my mobile phone to connect to the stereo at home. I don’t need to use the remote control of the Bluetooth speaker at this time, and I can control it directly with the watch. Still very convenient.

After turning on Bluetooth, of course, it is necessary to pair with the mobile phone. No matter whether you have used Garmin’s sports watch before, you can add new equipment directly. As long as the mobile phone and watch are turned on, Garmin’s Connect APP will automatically search.

Here I want to talk about Garmin’s shortcomings, the strap is too short, you can look at it, my arm is not very thick, but the room for the strap is not much, if there are some fat friends to use, it is recommended to wear first Give it a try. I probably measured it. The maximum inner diameter of the wristband is about 22cm, but I think the fixing is not very good, and my wrist is about 19cm thick. I think it can only be said to be just right. This problem is not only on Forerunner 45, but also on vívoactive 3. Only the 935 strap is long enough to worry about this problem.

In addition, regarding the dial size, I received the men’s large dial, 42mm diameter, slightly smaller than the 43.4mm of vívoactive 3, for my arm, it really feels a small circle, probably my big dial is used to Now, I think the 47cm diameter of the 935 will suit my thick arm. If you can do 50mm to increase the battery to increase battery life, I am also acceptable.

Finally, the Forerunner 45 is a little smaller than the vívoactive 3, but its battery life is more than vívoactive 3. I didn’t find the battery capacity of these two watches on the official website, but I can see that the standard daily usage can be 7 days, but If you do not use GPS positioning, vívoactive 3 can only be used for 5 days, and Forerunner 45 uses automatic shutdown for almost 8+ days, the difference is still quite a lot.

In the end, Garmin Forerunner 45 GPS is still enough as a running training watch. The most important thing is that its price of 1600+ has greatly reduced the entry threshold of professional sports watches, and 235 supports the low end of Garmin. Price product. Throughout the past few years, professional high-end products have begun to explore the price line of the product line, and some emerging brands have greater competitive pressure. Garmin is a good example.

After using Garmin for so many years, I am still very satisfied with Garmin.

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