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Sanko recently released a small, collapsible washing machine that is said to be folded into the cabinet

Although many products are now taking a small and light route, for white household appliances like refrigerator air conditioners, it seems that the bigger the better. It is true that for households with a large living area and a large population, such white goods are naturally insignificant, but if I am only a single dog and the living area is not large enough, then these household appliances can naturally be smaller and less occupied. The better, as long as you can meet your daily needs, what big guy! For the needs of this group of people, Sanko of Japan recently released a small washing machine that can be inserted into the cabinet when folded.

The folding washing machine measures 380 x 455 mm (diameter x height) and is not very large in itself. And the reason why it can be folded, because the upper part of the fuselage is made of silicone material, when it is not pressed, the washing machine is naturally much smaller. The size of the folded washing machine is 380X255mm (diameter X height), you can When not in use, it is stuffed into cabinets and other places.

Sanko’s folding washing machine has a washing capacity of 3kg and can wash off about 10 short-sleeved T-shirts at a time, but this washing machine does not have a dehydrating function. After all, just a small washing machine, what functions are obviously impossible. It is also very simple to use. After putting clothes and detergent into the washing machine, turn the timer dial (up to 15 minutes), and the washing machine washes the dirt in the clothes fibers through strong water flow.

The folding washing machine weighs 4.6kg, so it will not be too laborious to store after folding. In terms of price, the price is 8980 yen, which is about 567 yuan. It is very practical for single people. Especially in summer, there is no big laundry to wash. There is such a small washing machine that can store no land. It is enough to use.

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